But, what´s going on in London?
Tuesday, February 28, 2006
  Stranded - La ciudad desolada IV

Left stranded. By the bank of the river.
Feeling the lack of water and longing to be carried away.
Monday, February 27, 2006
  On board in London - La ciudad desolada III

Crossing the Thames. London in the distance. The Thames barrier and the skycrapers in Canary Wharf. Seagulls, cranes and waves.
  London Ferry - La ciudad desolada II

North Woolwich ferry. About to board and cross another river. Where water comes together with other water.
  Welcome to the hotel revolution - La ciudad desolada I

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It's right here, in London. Steps away from Greenwich.
Thursday, February 09, 2006
  Poema encontrado en Londres - I found a poem in London

I have found a poem in London. In fact, I have been collecting the verses at the MSN Messenger welcome page. It talks about the things we have and lose; who and where we are, and where we belong. Things and persons that we take for granted and just disappear. This love that we all have in common. About all the things poems usually talk and that cannot be expressed by any other means.

He encontrado un poema en Londres. De hecho, he ido recogiendo los versos de la página inicial del MSN Messenger. Trata de las cosas de las que tratan todos los poemas. Las cosas que tenemos y perdemos; lo que somos y donde estamos o sentimos nuestro lugar. Todas las cosas y personas que damos por sentado y ya no están. El amor que todos compartimos. Las cosas que no se pueden expresar mas que en poemas.
Thursday, February 02, 2006
  The Road of the Pakora

The road of the Pakora is wide and open for those willing to learn and enjoy.

It's dead simple: no eggs, some besan/gram flour (chickpea) and any vegetable you might like (especally eggplant, potatoe, onion). Pinch of turmeric and cumin&co at will. The secret lies in the thickness of the batter. If its too watery, the batter won't stick to the vegetables and you'd end up in a greasy mess.
Deep fry the pakoras in a relatively hot oil, and allow enough room between the chunks so they can be properly fried.
The road of the Pakora is now yours to discover.

*Don't forget a soft yogurt dip, or some tea.
Wednesday, February 01, 2006
  Vintage Heaven (The Hackney Series IX)

Heaven is right here. Well, in Columbia Road Market to be more precise. A wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning among the flowers ... or two Sunday mornings, or three Sunday mornings...
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