But, what´s going on in London?
Friday, November 11, 2005

Their hands, their hands, their faces, their hands.
Un establecimiento londinense,... supongo
Sí, no es Bangladesh, ni Pakistán ni la India :)
Es Brick Lane, la típica calle de bengalíes que atrae muchos turístas por los restaurantes... es gracioso, te sumerjes en otro mundo, las tiendas , las ropas, la música. Ahí está mi pastelería favorita de Londres, Ambala:
...mmm...mis "sweets" favoritos son Pera, Barfi y Gajar Halwa...aunque el Rasmalai tampoco es ninguna tontería...bueno, voy a dejarlo aquí que me pierdo...
Those mannequins are wild, the middle one has gray lips and the one in the yellow-green sari looks like she has been spray painted red!
The middle one also has unfortunate hand placement. ;-)
T. Beth ...okay, I confess...I photoshopped it ;) ...I enhanced the colour beyond its natural limits but, due to the almost surreal nature of the image, it surprisingly fits...but First I thought that it was pretty clear that the colours were unreal...but I am amazed to discover that those strange faces and dresses can reach to confuse the viewer :)
Ah, the hand!!....I thought I was the only one to notice...that's the reason for the short text underneath...THOSE HANDS!!...incredible....I wonder what's the purpose of it all...
Amazing things you see in London.
I had noticed too... but I didn't dare to comment :-D
Great shot!
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