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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
  Jackfruit in London

Click on the image to have a closer look, YOU MIGHT FIND SOMETHING!

Yesterday evening, on the way back home, a yellowish thing outside a supermaket door catched my eye. It looked as food to me, somehow like a strange fruit. I was lucky because there was a man from Bangladesh picking one of those weird fruit packages and I had the chance to ask him about it. He told me that it was a delicious fruit, ready to eat, something called Jackfruit. It was his smile and the pleasure on his face and hands as he spoke that convinced me. So here it is: The Jackfruit.
Back home I googled for a while and I discovered that what I was about to eat was nothing but the seeds of a very usual fruit on asian shops around here. The jackfruit is apparently the biggest among the fruits, it's huge, green and quite bizarre for Europeans, accustomed to apples and pears.

A good friend of mine has a brand new blog showing his everyday origami (Japanese folded paper figures). It's just amazing what he can achieve with a sheet of paper. Origami Photos (en español)
¿Son hinojos?

En todo caso ni idea, no sé si es fruta, verdura, u obra de arte de tus amigos esos de los huevos con calzones :-)

What did it taste like? I've never seen these before.
Jesús Es Jackfruit...creo que en español se traduce como fruta de la Jaca ¿?. Una fruta tropical Artocarpus heterophyllus...bastante chocante, pero rica :) Como una mezcla de piña, mango y todos los sabores tropicales...una cosa rara. Pero estas son las cosillas que te da la gran ciudad ;)
...(Como mola Mr Eggtor entre el jackfruit ¿eh????)

T.Beth ...it's was actually pretty good. It was sort of a mix between well known tropical fruits (mango, pineapple, also peach...)...kind of funny. You know when you buy yogurts with artifical flavours, you can buy them in different "colours"...then red family (straw, raspberry, etc.), the yellow family (peach, mango, guava,...). Well it was like the natural counterpart of the latter. You should definitely try it!!! One thing I noticed was the texture...maybe a bit too chewy, but that could also be that they were note the freshest of jackfruits ;)
What a good shot, I love the natural white and yellow tones, very good balanced!
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