But, what´s going on in London?
Monday, October 10, 2005
  Life by the canal

You sit down by a bridge, letting time go by, watching the boats go by. They come, close the lock's gates and fill them up with water in order to go up or down. Then they just disappear amidst the unique Eastend landscape.

On the left you can see Acton´s Lock that has just been emptied and two boats resuming their way eastward.
On the right you can see the two boats slowly going away. You can even reach to see the skycrappers of Canary Wharf between the beams of that old amazing metal structure.
What is that metal structure on the right? I don't recall ever seeing anything like it before.
Well, I'm not quite sure. I reckon it's a gas/water/liquid deposit. Because now you see it "empty", but they "swell" somehow and what you can see now as a low roof, reaches up to the very top. London is full of them (well, actually they're disappearing)
Take a look at the background.
I still haven't made one of my favourite London photographs, it has one of those too...I may take the shot one of these days.
I was just down there a couple weeks ago - great capture of the boats. It's amazing how quiet London can be when you're off the streets and by the canal
That's why we moved to East London :)
It truly seems to be another city, another world to be precise.
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