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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
  Dan Lepard's hands - Meet the man

Yesterday I was incredibly lucky. I had the opportunity to attend a baking demonstration by Dan Lepard (maybe you have remarked the link on the right column or his name on previous posts). He is the man. He has written The handmade loaf, one of the most beautiful books I have ever read where he speaks with unmatchable love about bread and the way things were done, should be done, and could be done.
I don't know exactly how they arranged it but there was an almost 2 hour free demosntration at John Lewis (a famous British department store) and you could be there, one meter away from Dan Lepard, learning all the kneading tricks and asking him all sort of questions. Obviously, I got my book signed...not that I'm particularty fond of those things, but the opportunity whas unique.
Dan is a very nice guy, amazingly "normal" I have to say. He answered all my questions with incredible patience and even agreed to pose for my with 2 of his loaves.
He baked a milk bread, an olive oil flat bread (he just wouldn't call it Focaccia), two ale barm and potato traditional English loaves...and showed us the secrets of sourdough.
Yesterday I discovered 2 amazing things.
1. He shot all the beautiful pictures of his book with an old Canon A-E1 50mm(and got the films developped at Snappy Snaps, WOW).
2. Dan Lepard's hands (see picture below)

What can I say - very glad you enjoyed it. Do email me as I have a question for you.
What a nice surprise to have you around here!!!
I have already sent you an email, to the info@ mailbox of your site.
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