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Friday, August 26, 2005
  Soon winter (The Hackney Series VI)

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Broadway Market has already been on my blog, Like back in Spring with the gorgeous St. Marcelin cheese, or not that long ago with The Morris Minor 1000.
But this time it´s a new discovery: The film shop
The best video shop I´ve ever seen. They´ve got it all. All the classics and films from all over the World, from Almodovar to Wenders... In the late afternoon it`s always packed with very nice young people who come by bike and then go for a pint in the surrounding pubs, like the Dove or Little Georgia, or a bit further away to the Pub on the Park.
And as the summer dies, they´ve got this lovely board with colorful letters about summer films on the showwindow.

Broadway Market.
It´s usually quite calm and peaceful, but as the Saturday morning market arrives, everything comes alive.

In case you need any advice: BroadwayMarket.co.uk

**Hey!!, Don´t think they pay me a penny for this!!
Shame about the people that work there.
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