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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
  Maharajah Mango Slices

We´re absolutely into Indian food. And this beautiful can sitting now on the kitchen table is going to make for a delicious home made kulfi.

*Yes, the blog has a new look, I hope you like it. I have finally decided to choose this one so I can post pictures up to 600 pixels wide. The other one just allowed me to post up to 420 and then I had to make a link to a larger image wich I think was probably a bit annoying and nobody really cared to click (pity, because many of them had hidden surprises). I think the images here look much brighter. As soon as I learn a bit of html I will be customizing it. Because, for example, I have lost the "recent posts tab" wich I personally found very useful. Enjoy.
i just love mangoes...especially fresh ones...
I guess there in Malaysia you´ve got much better mangoes than we do here in Europe...nevertheless, MANGOES ROCK!
I bought this canned mangoes following a recipe for Mango Kulfi...
So far I love Pistacio Kulfi and plain Kulfi...let´s give it a go. Then will come the much expected (well, by me) saffron kulfi.
thanks for comment on my blog, on night shot i'm driving also on right side, i guess it is confusing because motion blur of lights.
you have a great blog!
I really like the new, larger photos. Changing your Blogger template was a good idea.
Thanks :)
I think so too. Now I just have to customize it to clean it a bit a make it more tidy...get rid of things basically. You know, "less is more".
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