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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

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I always take line 214
It´s one of the few London bus lines with a small bus.
It´s not a double-decker, not even a bendy-bus, with its bellows in the middle.
It´s not like the 253, or the 88, or the C2, the central line, coming from Oxford Circus.
Whenever I take line 214 I always think about the driver.
Doesn´t he envy the other lines?
Does he silence a strange desire every morning, when turning the engine on?
And at dusk, does he go home full with a sense of emptiness? Thinking of all the times he met the central line today.
This man driving me through the streets of London aboard the small 214.
Highgate Village - Liverpool Street Station
Liverpool Street Station - Highgate Village
Great photos! It's always interesting to see everyday photos from another culture.
Thank you Paul!
Come around often, as I update it daily...and check out the archives too...yo might find something interesting there!
Tengo un vecino que es conductor de autobuses, del bus 35, aquí por estos parajes...

Y día tras día, año tras año, cada día lo mismo, el mismo recorrido, quizás las mismas caras (aunque sólo se saluden).

Toda una vida...
thanks for dropping by my site. love your food pics especially!
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